Girlfriend Sex Story Girlfriends Surprise

girlfriend sex story: My girlfriend visited me at uni for a week over Valentines Day. The day before she was due to go home I had two lectures with a three hour gap in the middle, so I stayed on campus and left her in my room. When I came back mid afternoon, I found my door locked, so I knocked on my housemates room next door for my spare key. I opened the door walked through and dropped my bag on the floor. The room was empty.


It was then that two slim, golden skinned arms d****d over my shoulders and a pair of wet, full lips found the sweet spot on the side of my neck. She took of my coat and unbuttoned my shirt before directing me too my desk chair. Pushing me down into the chair, she tied my hands behind me to the chair and slowly let me turn round. And there she stood, hands on hips, short school girl skirt just covering her ass, long red hair coming down to her breasts, a tight white shirt tied in a not at her flat stomach.


She smiled and leant forward to press her lips against mine and let her tongue swirl with mine while undoing my jeans. She tugged them off, and slowly slid down my boxers to let my hard cock stand out. She leant back down, showing off her breasts under just the shirt, and took my cock in her mouth, gagging on it once before straightening and straddling me. She slid all the way onto my cock, just about taking all of it deep inside her. My cock fits perfectly into her tight pussygirlfriend sex story


She slowly started grinding, getting my cock nice and wet, all the time getting faster and faster. She started moaning and writhing as she rode me louder and louder. She tightened round me, still getting faster and faster, and then stopped. She slowly stood up, turn round and slowly raised her skirt to show me her sexy round ass. Slowly she sat down on my cock, it sliding in her wet pussy easily. girlfriend sex story


This time she didnt start slow. She bounced on my cock her pussy tighter from behind really milking my cock. She started moaning louder and louder, tightening on my cock until I almost couldnt take it. She let out a high pitched scream as she came over my cock. She didnt squirt, but her cum dripped down my cock and I could feel it drip onto my balls as she stood turned round and sat on my lad, with my cock resting against her. She loves to tease. She then lent forward kissed me again and reached behind me. Slowly she untied me and sat back up, smiling…


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