Hot Story Getting Hooked O-n Oral Sex

hot story After my first cock sucking experience, I couldn’t wait to do more. Unfortunately G. had gone home for the weekend and I spent the whole weekend fantasizing about how I could elicit the maximum pleasure from G by sucking on his cock.There was this VHS tape that G. had left with me…and there was this actress in it- Tera Patrick – she was some sort of a mix girl – I think some Chinese mixed with European…and she became my virtual teacher in the art of cock sucking. When everybody went to sleep, I put on the video, sat close to the TV set and studied all the scenes where she was performing fellatio… put it in slow motion and watched how she was holding the cock…how she passed her tongue on the penis, how she sucked on it… I even practiced with a banana…but I longed to get the real thing in my mouth. hot story

The next Monday, at school, I could barely concentrated on lessons. All I had in mind was about what I would do to G. later this evening. At the age of 15, a few of the girls at school had little experience. A couple had boyfriends – but it seemed that all they ever did was kissing and holding hands!! There was lots of ooohs and aaahhs when someone related how her boyfriend had kissed her, open mouth, duelling tongues and exchanging spit. I just listened on, smiling inside me…I had gone way beyond the stage of kissing.

A couple of the girls had allowed their boyfriends to massage their bo obs… and even fewer had allowed masturbation and performed masturbation on their partners. There was only one girl in our batch A. who apparently had done it all!! And what more, it was with a much elder man 35 years old…the friend of his father. She was quite crude and direct. the tales she was telling had all of us listening in awe. I don’t know how much was true in what she was saying…but she certainly had some proofs of what she was saying… Once she came to school with her boobs covered with hickeys!! Dark red bruises on her boobs where she had been mauled, bite marks on her thighs, her ass and she wore those marks of lovemaking with pride and wasn’t shy to show it all.

Anyway, that night, we did our homework. G helped me with my maths…he was quite a genius in that aspect…I learnt more from him than with my maths teacher. And I was intent on rewarding him properly. Indeed, when grandma had gone to sleep, we prepared ourselves for our other ‘tuition’. I made G sit on the sofa, completely naked. I undressed myself too… and his cock started rising to attention… I raked my nails over his thighs…his belly, his stomach… I started kissing him…and caressing him… I sucked on his ear lobes, his neck and his nipples. His cock had become rock hard. hot story


I was so proud of myself, hearing his whimpers and moans. My tongue was like a snake, I traced my way lower down, on his belly, around his pubis, his thighs…. Then moved up again to his groin. With the tip of my tongue, I licked his balls…I took them gently in my mouth, and sucked on them… G. was squirming on the sofa, he opened wide his legs to give me good access to his balls. I had to stop every now and then though to remove pubic hairs from my mouth. I asked G to shave his balls and penis for our future sessions. I licked on the balls…but had to be careful…they seemed to be very sensitive… I continued licking his rod…delicately… I followed the veins on the underside of his shaft…I pulled on his foreskin to expose the head of the penis…I licked on the underside… I was well attuned at to the sensations of what I was providing. I was on a learning mission. I took in everything…noting in the back of my head what was giving him pleasure and what wasn’t…


As I reached the top of his cock, I toyed with his peephole, licking it…. I made sure that I was dribbling lots of saliva on his cock… a couple of articles I read advised to use saliva , loads of it to keep the cock well lubricated. And indeed it helped… I was gently masturbating him while licking…and the cock felt like a bar of steel in my hands. Then suddenly, without warning, I engulfed his cock the maximum I could in my mouth. His 17yr old cock was quite a respectable size (15 cm as we found out with a ruler afterwards) I managed to put half in my mouth and sucked on noisily..hungrily. I massaged his balls and lower part of his cock while I sucked on…and G. seemed to be struck with electricity… I was enjoying it so much. He was mumbling words of encouragement “ Oh wi…sousse moi kumsa meme…mari bon sa…” (Yes…suck me like that..its so good.) hot story


After a couple of minutes of my administrations…he couldn’t take it any longer. He whimpered that he was going to cum “arreter sil te plait..to pou fer moi decharger la” (Please stop, you gonna make me cum). And he tried to pull my head away from his cock. But I was having none of that!! I fully intended to go to completion. I slapped his hands away, I doubled my sucking efforts… I felt his cock twitch…I felt the big vein underneath his shaft swell up…I could even feel his whole cock get swollen…and then, the spurts came….He shot in the back of my throat…. moaning and squirming… hot story


I loved the power that I had to induce so much pleasure in someone… I continued sucking on…and as I saw Tera Patrick and Sylvia Saint do it in the porno movies, I opened up my mouth to show him the cum on my tongue…and made a show of swallowing it! It was the first time I did that…and it didn’t bother me at all…in fact, I loved the saltiness taste of the cum…and the sticky texture of it… I then went back to sucking his cock…milking every drop of cum from it…I kept doing that until it shrivelled inside my mouth. hot story


This was a feeling that is difficultly described…I enjoyed the fact that I could do it good…I enjoyed the fact that with only my lips and tongue, I managed to make a guy helpless…begging for more… and I enjoyed the fact that I made him weak in the legs…his heart rate beating fast and his breathing laboured….I enjoyed the “wow! Mari sa!!” (wow that was incredible) that I got from him afterwards….I was 15…a young girl, but felt like a wanton woman! hot story

And in the days and weeks to come, I perfected my fellatio techniques… we tried various things…different poses…I discovered that I didn’t like face fucking…I like being in control when giving fellatio…and also I didn’t like 69 …. It was too distracting.. I liked to concentrate on either giving pleasure or receiving it…but not both at the same time. G. shaved his lower body completely in the next days…and it looked so nice.. the cock and balls looked so clean…bigger and even more appetising… Having that clean shaved cock in front of me made me so wet and naughty..that day was the first time I adventured a bit more ‘south’… I licked his bumhole! He had done it a few times while sucking me…and I wanted to return the favour. It wasn’t bad… slightly errrr spicy…and I let myself go..I licked and sucked that puckered hole like my life depended on it…his balls was resting on my forehead…and I was rubbing his cock which was rock hard. It elicited so much pleasure that it very quickly became a routine of my cock sucking. I played the rustry trombone, i.e. sucking his asshole from the back, while masturbating his cock in front until he sprayed his cum everywhere. hot story

We saw deepthroating scenes in porn, and I wanted to try it out. It took several trials, and different poses before I could overcome the gagging reflex and take his cock completely inside me. Practise makes perfect…and very soon I could easily deepthroat him…massage his whole cock with my throat, tongue and lips and made him paint the back of my throat with his white cum. I improved a lot on my techniques and endurance…I came to a point where I was able to suck him to completion within 5 minutes…swallowed his cum without removing my mouth, keep on sucking..got him hard again…and made him cum twice after some 30 minutes…. My jaws ached a bit…but it was so satisfying. hot story

And I wasn’t the only one learning!! G. also was perfecting his cunnilingus techniques on me… He became very good indeed… Managing to make me cum at each session. He became more confident…very good with his tongue and lips. For some reasons…he loved my pubic hairs…and loved burying his face in my muff… That was when I realised the power of my pussy…its amazing how this small piece of skin could drive men crazy. There’s a song in Mauritius that says “akoze ene boute poisson sale soonook ena alle perdi la vie” (One could lose his life because of a piece of ‘salted fish’) and that’s very true.

Anyway, our sexual exploration lasted a good 8 months. G. finished his studies, sat for his exams and went back to his village. We still met occasionally prior to his departure for tertiary studies. We were once again merely cousins …no more sex encounters. And the good thing is that it was very smooth…there was no hard feelings…we were just sex friends for a limited amount of time. At the end of it all, G. had been very good for me, he had been a great friend…a great tutor, my maths grades improved drastically, an amazing sex partner even if it involved only masturbation and oral sex… and he initiated me to guitar playing as well. hot story

I was more than ready to sample other cocks and I intended to do that without any further ado.


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