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hot teen sex stories: “I’m 32, recently divorced. (Was final in July). No k**s. In early August I accepted a new job, and moved into one half of a duplex house in a neighborhood of duplexes closer to my new job.
My side faces the next door duplex which is inhabited by an extremely attractive, busty, in shape,


40yo woman (she has a bf that does not live with her) and her 16 yo teenage daughter which possesses all the womanly characteristics of an extremely attractive 20-something including very adult hips and what only can be described as large, perky breasts. Indeed I thought she WAS a college student living with mom until they both told me she had just turned 16 and was going to be a junior in her high school. hot teen sex stories

If you know who porn star Lexi Belle is, then you can picture this girl almost exactly, just give her darker hair. For anonymity sake, I’m going to call her Lexi.
Lexi flirts and teases excessively. Shortly after I moved in, I was washing my car and her and her friend came over and started asking me about my past relationshiphot teen sex stories

(Her mom and I had talked briefly about our divorce s in front of Lexi after we first met) They were both giggly, and Lexi said something along the lines of “She was crazy to divorce a man as handsome and as nice as you” Which kind of flummoxed me, I just said thank you politely and said I had to finish washing up the car because I had an appointment. (Which I didn’t have, I went to the store).

Also a couple weeks ago on a Saturday I went to collect my mail. Lexi was lying on her lawn getting a tan in a little bikini. She sees me and comes up to say “Hi” and says “Look my mom let me get a tongue ring” and proceeds to stick out the tongue to show me. I’m lucky I didn’t get a boner right there. I said like “Nice. did it hurt?” and she was like “only a little, like losing your virginity” and giggled. At this point I’m like thinking “is this for real? it’s like a penthouse porno.” I swear this girl was put on Earth by Satan to tempt me. And I’m an atheist!
I was just like “Well..Say hi to your mom!” Awkward! Went inside, and leaned against the door to stop my heart from beating so fast. hot teen sex stories

The other problem is my bedroom faces Lexi’s. She has a tendency to leave her blinds open. I’ve seen glimpses of naked or semi-undressed before and immediately left my room so I don’t feel like a dirty pervert. I’ve started to keep my blinds closed in there all the time. Thank god my computer room is in the other bedroom, as that’s where I spend a lot more time. hot teen sex stories

Fast forward to this Saturday. Lexi’s mom tells me to keep an eye on Lexi if I can, because her and her bf are going to SF for the weekend for some race/marathon. She’s like Lexi is allowed to have friends over, but if she throws a loud party don’t be afraid to call the cops on her. I’m like, it doesn’t bother me, whatever. Saturday night comes around, no party but Lexi has like 6-7 people over. I hear them in her backyard (We share a fence) and they were being chatting and yelling, but nothing to bad. I’m pretty positive they were drinking (and I wonder if I should tell Lexi’s mom) but I was trying not to be nosy.

Fast forward to about 1 in the morning. I’ve gone to bed and gone to sleep. I sleep with the window open, always, because I’m one of the people who cannot sleep in a closed room. The stuffiness gets to me. I’m a light sleeper, always have been, and I awake to the sounds of porno. Or what sounds like porno. Curious of course, and not thinking, since I was asleep. I go the window and peer through the blinds. hot teen sex stories

Lexi’s window is open. Her blinds are down, but the slats are turned so as they are open. Open enough to see by the blue glow of a lava lamp in her room, lexi and some teen guy are having sex on her bed. Doggie style. And she’s being loud. Clearly enjoying it.

I immediately know I need to close the blinds and go away.
I also immediately have a hard-on. (A guilty hard-on. Who wouldn’t in this situation)
I close the blinds. I decide to go to my computer room, shut the door, and play a game for a while. 30 minutes later, I’m exhausted. Head back to bed. It is now quiet. I cannot resist a peek. Her room is still lit up blue from the lava lamp, and it looks like she’s asleep on her bed. Guy might be gone, I don’t know.

I go to sleep, and don’t get a lick of sleep because my hard-on wouldn’t go away, and I’m too guilty to masturbate because I know, I KNOW, that she will pop into my head. I cannot get the image of her having sex out of my mind.
I think I have to move. I’m a grown adult. Admittedly I haven’t had sex in a long time, and have only recently thought about dating again. This girl is driving me crazy. Should I tell the mom? Should I move? Should I tell her she’s acting inappropriately? I feel like it’s wrong I’m extremely turned on by this, but she is very womanly, and I think any guy in my position would be equally frustrated. Just to be clear I would never do anything with this girl.
TL;DR Hot jailbait daughter flirts with me excessively – now I see her fucking. Can’t stop thinking about it. Feel guilty. What do?”


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