New Sex Story Please, Please! (L)

new sex story I stirred as he reached for me in his sleep. Wrapped in his arms, my back to his chest, it was impossible for me to drift off again.  Just the touch of our naked skin created an ache, deep and low.

But I knew how much he needed his rest. Vasectomy on Monday! After eight and a half years, he would finally come in my pussy again.  So when a little butt-wiggling and grunting got no response, I stilled my body and willed it to relax. Yeah, right! New Sex Story

As his breathing evened out and he began to snore a little, I eased out of his grasp and went potty.  By the time I came back, he had rolled over again. So I settled back down and slept. New Sex Story

Not an hour passed before I felt his fingers tangle in my hair, drawing my face to his. Eyes closed, he caressed me clumsily. I kissed his searching lips and groaned. “If you are going to keep doing this, you’re going to have to fuck me.” New Sex Story

He gave a languid stretch and mumbled back at me.  It sounded something like, “I was just waiting to see if y’all found anything in existence…” New Sex Story 

I laughed. “You are so asleep!” But it didn’t matter. I had to have him. New Sex Story

I threw the covers back, exposing him to the Alaskan spring night air.  His soft member I engulfed and sucked with gusto. He groaned and shuddered, drifting toward consciousness while I worked him over. Every four or five strokes, I buried my nose and chin in his abdomen. Shaking my head back and forth rubbed the head of his penis on the back of my throat. 

As his erection grew, he grasped the back of my head and helped me thrust it further into my throat.  My soft gagging did him in. I heard him moan, “Fuck, Felicia.”

I sat up, eager. “Yes, please!” I agreed. “Fuck Felicia!”

I pulled him back into our earlier spooned position and helped him find my entrance.  He surged through me and pounded me, hard and fast, just the way he knows I like it. And I pushed back to meet him, gutturally voicing my pleasure.

There was no wait for my body’s response. The pump was primed, so to speak, and I let out a squirt at the first stroke. I tried to hold it back, but five minutes later we were both drenched with squirt and sweat.

We paused to catch our breath and he flopped onto his back.  As I moved toward him again, he directed my head back toward his crotch.

I gave him a few slurps. Mmmm, I do taste good! But then I pulled off and straddled him, impaling myself on his shaft.

“I love to suck you, you know that.  But I’ll get to do that a lot next week.  In only two days, you aren’t going to want this.I bounced up and down once, “for a while.” \

Then I rode him like a cowgirl on a wild stallion. When my knees started complaining, I tried something new. I leaned back, bracing my hands on his thighs and my feet on the bed. My hips lifted off him.\

“Buck,” I encouraged. I stifled my surprised cry as he did my bidding, piercing my hot slit. \

The head of his cock was aimed right at my g-spot, and he hammered it. His belly was flooded with each stroke. When his energy lagged, I dropped to my knees and took over again.

But I was tiring, too.  Soon I was just balanced atop him, hugging him with my vagina walls and humping to rub his glans against them and my clit against him. Hopefully, he had recovered enough to relieve me of duty.

“I really want you to fuck the piss out of me, but I don’t want to make a bigger wet spot,” I said.

“Well, get your love blanket.”

I grabbed the purple throw and tucked it under us, fuzzy side up.  Then I knelt on all fours with my ass pushed up towards him and my hands gripping the edge of the mattress.

He rose up behind me and entered me, making me gasp at his force. Grunting, he thrust at full speed and maximum draw.  As the bottom of his corona passed over my saturated ‘female prostate’ with each stroke, he pushed me closer and closer to another climax.

Then, suddenly, he shoved in deep and stopped.  Just stopped.

I was floored. “No,” I whimpered. I was so close. My body tried its best to re-engage, but he wasn’t having it.

Gripping my hips, he held me firmly against him and just pushed. Deep. Steady.

“Please,” I whispered. “I need to fuck you. Let me fuck you.” I tried again to bump into him, but he held me fast.

“Please!” Louder this time. “Please, I’ve got to fuck you.” If he didn’t let me move soon, I was sure I’d cry.

YES! Praise God!

Now he returned to action, and I gave as good as I got. White-knuckling the piping on the mattress, I rammed my cunt onto his cock with everything in me. My cries crescendoed as he pulled out. I came and I came and I came. Everywhere.

He collapsed on my sweat-covered back, panting.  “Ugh! You squirted. Right on my cock head. Just as I came. That was so – Hot!”

“That was torture!  When you held me still like that!”  I griped at him. But then I smiled. Of course, he wouldn’t leave me hanging. And that was an amazing orgasm.

I hope he does it again….


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