Oral Sex & Squirting Orgasms First Time

oral sex I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for some years. Through this time we have experimented often trying to do things to satisfy the other’s sexual needs. I honestly think I get more pleasure out of helping her reach a good climax than I do from having one of my own.

During our playtime I discovered quite by accident that I could buzz her clit with my tongue and lips and bring her to a very satisfying orgasm. I’ve since learned that this is sometimes referred to as “motorboating”. Liken it to the razzberry sound that is produced by sticking your tongue through fairly tightly pursed lips and blowing, sort of like blowing bubbles in the bath tub when you were young.

As time went on I began to hear about the “g-spot” and tried putting a finger in her pussy and massaging her g-spot as I buzzed her clit and labia with my lips and tongue. She absolutely loved it, several times commenting that I should write a book as it was selfish not to share this kind of info with others. Not feeling comfortable putting this in book form I’ve chosen to use this forum.

After a time of buzzing and massaging she usually feels like she can’t take it anymore and begs me to stop and fuck her as she says she has become too sensitive. Recently I was able to talk her into letting me continue on for a while and the most amazing thing happened. She actually tensed up and had a squirting orgasm! Craziest wildest most intense orgasm I have ever seen, she almost freaked out! Thought she had peed on me! After a lot of consoling and explaining to her that I had read about “female ejaculation” and that only a small percentage of women ever achieve it. She decided to just go with it even though she still needs some coaxing to just relax and let it happen.

Since that time it is a regular part of our love making. I am so into it that by the time I bring her to orgasm I am streaming precum everywhere! If I don’t bring her to orgasm with oral sex we oftentimes use a wand vibrator on her clit while we finish our session with a good fucking with her having a squirting orgasm much of the time. x

Remember to begin lightly until she is aroused. Buzzing her clit with your tongue and fingering her g-spot at the same time can require that you get into some awkward positions but believe me it is well worth the effort. She will love you like crazy and have some incredibly intense orgasms! Your needs will not go lacking by making your best effort to take care of hers first. If you haven’t already I hope you will try this on your lady. Oftentimes as a prelude to our lovemaking I will give her a shave which is very arousing for both of us! Experiment and find out what works for you as a couple. oral sex


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