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short adult stories : When I was about 13 years old, and entering the raging hormonal phase of my life, my parents hired a woman named Trisha. My family was wealthy, and employed many housekeepers. Trisha was hired as the fifth housekeeper at our house/mansion. Like the other four housekeepers, Trisha was a “live-in” maid. She had her own room in a particular wing of the house that facilitated the “help” regarding our house.

There was, however, something that was much different about Trisha from the other four housekeepers. Although all five of them were about the same age, (almost 30 or so) Trisha was the only one that did not have a very thin body. Trisha was a much thicker girl. She also was not as attractive in the classical sense as the other four. What she lacked in classical beauty, she more than made up for in chest size. short adult stories

Even at the age of 13, I knew what type of girl that I was attracted to. Or rather, which female body type turned me on the most. I liked girls who possessed really big breasts. Like really big. I still have never seen a woman who I thought had breasts that were too big. Even at the younger age of 13 I liked women who had obscenely large boobs.

I remember the first time I was introduced to Trisha. The year was 1990. I immediately fell in love with her enormous cans. They were, by far, the biggest I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe this chick was going to be living at my house. I immediately put about two different plans of action regarding Trisha. Number 1, I was going to become as close to her as I possibly could. I was going to make sure that the two of us were going to be good friends while she worked for my family, which I hoped ended up being a long time. Number 2, I was on a serious mission to see her topless as many times as possible. short adult stories

After sneaking into her room while she was working, it didn’t take me long to find the drawer that she kept her bras in. To my astonishment, I read her bra size as being 42 GG. Her huge titties were more than my 13 year old self could handle. From the time she came to live with us, whenever I masturbated I was thinking about Trisha, and what I would do to her boobs. I continuously fantasized about pounding my dick in between them, and sperming heavily in them. short adult stories
Regarding the first part of my plan, the two of us quickly became close friends. I figured out that she loved rock music, and that was my way in. Since I listened only to rock music, I would constantly find music that I knew she would be into listening to. My plan worked like a charm. Also, in hindsight, it was beneficial towards her job to be as nice as possible to the only c***d of her employers. My parents went out of town a lot and when they did, I would usually hang out in Trisha’s room listening to music with her when she was off duty. To my great delight, Trisha did not have much of a life outside of working. She spent almost all of her off hours at the house. short adult stories

I was pretty sure that Trisha knew I really had a thing for her huge boobs. She would often catch me staring at them. As far as I could tell, she didn’t mind my obsession. Whenever she would catch me ogling at them, she would just laugh and say something like “teenage boys and their raging hormones.” Even though she knew I obsessed over her chest, she didn’t ever stop giving big hugs. At the time, hugging Trisha was my favorite thing in the world to do. I made sure she gave me a big hug whenever I saw her for the first time everyday. She was always a trooper about it. She just smiled, and shook her head. short adult stories

Trisha did not have much education, and she was very shy to most adults. Like I stated, she didn’t have much of a life outside of work. All these things considered, she ended up working for my family permanently. Even now, she technically is under my employment. Anyway, she ended up being in charge of all other house workers. Most house staff didn’t end up working for us for more than five or six years. Trisha was the exception to most staff. At about year five of her employment, she took over the head job. short adult stories

Throughout my teenage years, there were several instances when I “accidentally” saw her topless. Again, she was always a trooper about this kind of thing with me. Whenever I walked in on her changing or whatever she would maybe yelp at first, but then she went back to smiling and shaking her head. “What am I going to do with you” is what she would normally say to me whenever it was clear that I was really into her big tits. Which was constantly!

The first time Trisha and I fooled around was when I was 19 years old. It was the year after I graduated high school. While most of my friends went away to college, I decided to stay close to home. There was a big college about 20 miles away, anyway. I convinced my parents that I wanted to stay close to home for fear of getting home sick away from them. Since I was an only c***d, they were only too happy to have me continue to live at home for at least a little while longer. The reality was that I didn’t want to leave Trisha’s big titties behind. Also, I always hoped that the older I got, the better my chances of one day getting to squeeze them and such. short adult stories

Well, my hunch about that last part turned out to be correct. Within that first year of college, it finally happened. It was during one of the countless times that my parents were out of town. Like I said, I was 19 years old at the time. Trisha was in her mid-thirties. We were hanging out on a Friday night at about 10 o’clock when she started the conversation: short adult stories

“I can’t believe that you have nothing better to do right now on a Friday Night than hang out with me in my room listening to music,” she stated. “You are 19 years old boy, and a strapping 19 year old at that! Surely you could have any girl that you wanted right now. What is going on with you?” She asked. short adult stories

I had to play it off as best as I could. I knew exactly why I didn’t have a girlfriend, or the most active social life for that matter. I was too obsessed with Trisha’s huge boobs. So I just shrugged and said, “I dunno. I guess when the right one comes along I will know.” short adult stories

She gave me a funny look and said, “it better not have anything to do with how much you’ve liked my chest all these years. I’ve never been bothered by it. In fact, its quite flattering now that you have graduated high school and gotten older. Still, it wouldn’t be healthy for you, James!”

“Well I guess you hit the nail on the head with that statement,” I told her.

She looked distressed all of a sudden and said, “you are being serious right now, aren’t you?”

I tried to sound as apologetic and disarming as possible by saying, “I must sound like a sexual deviant to you or something right now. I apologize for feeling the way that I do about you. Its just……..you have always been the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen ever since I met you all those years ago.”

She gave me a coy smile and said, “you have always had a thing for my big boobs.” She continued, “I still don’t think its very healthy, James. I am 36 years old, and you are only 19. I am much too old. You should be hooking up with other 19 year old girls instead of constantly obsessing over my chest.” Then she asked me, “be honest, and tell me how many girls you’ve hooked up with?”

I told her the truth. “I’m pretty sure you already know the answer to that question, Trisha. Besides, I would have told you about any ventures like that.” I then bravely added, “besides, I know you haven’t had any suitors yourself since you’ve been working here.” I chuckled, “thankfully! Honestly, I might have been crushed if you had.”

What she said next was absolutely magical to me. She said, “you’re right about me. And its been very frustrating. I’ve never minded that you have always obsessed about my boobs, but, strangely, I have always been infuriated by everyone else that has.” She further explained, “For someone with a chest as big as mine, I’ve always had to deal with what I consider terrible perverts. Its something that has always been the biggest turn-off to me.”

I gave her an exasperated look and said, “I’m sure you’re just being nice to me right now, and, considering you have to be nice to me because of you’re job, I’m sure I am just as infuriating to you as everyone else…..”

“Nope. I’m telling you the truth. Its never bothered me whenever you have ogled my chest. I guess there are a couple of reasons for that. Besides the fact that you have grown up before my eyes, you have also been the sweetest, most considerate rich k** I have ever known. Most rich k**s your age are an absolute nightmare. That has never been your style. You have always been a humble person. That’s a big turn-on, by the way. Don’t ever lose that humility,” she stated to me.

Since my parents happened to be gone, and since we were having a conversation that was so sexual in nature, I decided to take a shot. I suggested to her, “you and I could fool around, ya know. Its not like anyone would know, and you know I would never ever tell on you! It could literally be our little secret.”

To my astonishment, she simply said, “ok.” Then she gave me a quick smile and sat closer next to me. She brought her lips up to mine and we started to kiss. This was my greatest fantasy, and my dick was immediately rock hard.

Then she said, “this is quite nice, James. But I know that you are dying to touch them. Go ahead. You can squeeze them.”

I immediately grabbed her tits, and my dick got even harder! They were amazing. Her boobs were super heavy, and super soft. They were, in a couple of words, very milky feeling. While I squeezed on them we started making out even harder. She started to moan. It didn’t take her long to start rubbing on my dick through my jeans. At first she rubbed softly, but the rubbing up and down on my jeans where my cock was located got harder.

“Can I take off your shirt?” I asked. After she nodded that I could, I took off her top. Her chest was heaving heavily up and and down, and her boobs were bulging out of her bra.

“Go ahead and take off my bra, James,” she said in a breathy voice, “Your hands feel so good squeezing on my big titties.”

I did as I was told and took off her bra. I gasped with pure joy and excitement. Her huge boobies were jiggling all over the place. After I started sucking on them, I guess she had enough of my jeans being on. Quickly, she unbuttoned and unzipped them. She took off my jeans and revealed my rock hard pecker.

She gasped when she saw it and said, “Oh my God! Your dick is so big! I’m going to stroke it until you sperm, baby!”
She then proceeded to stroke my cock. She methodically went up and down on it with her hand. She started very slowly, but it didn’t take her long before she was stroking it as fast and as hard as she could. I started squeezing her boobs harder and harder as well. She kept telling me to squeeze them harder and harder. At this point she was stroking my dick really hard! This went on for about five more minutes. After the five or so minutes that she jacked me off as hard as she could, I guess she could tell that I was about to sperm.

“Do it, baby!” She screamed. “I want to make you sperm a big one. Are my giant boobies helping you?”

“Oh God, yes!” I exclaimed. “Your big, fat boobies are about to make me sperm a giant load everywhere! I can’t hold it any longer, Trisha! I’m about to do it!”

“Oh wow! Your dick is so hard, that its pulsating in my hand right now. I can feel the sperm moving up your dick!” She said loudly.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” I shouted as my dick started erupting with sperm. It was the definitely the biggest load I’ve ever shot in my life!

It wasn’t the last load she ever made shoot either. Not even close……


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