Short sex stories raesaah muslim hotwife

short sex stories hey everybody today id like to tell you guys about a fanacy and a few actual events that happened in the last few weeks

So in the last few weeks raesaah and i have been having some incredible sex and i have been enjoying how sexual and kinky she has been acting and enjoying the attention she has been getting from other men especially when we go out .. and the hot conversation we have had when we came back home and fucked has been unbelievable and it has been suck a turn on for me short sex stories

So seeing reasaahs response that she has been getting and that she told me last week that she wants to have another man in the room watch us while we fuck and have a hot n kinky night which has been exciting me the whole week and i have been thinking about how i am going to make it a reality short sex stories

so after some thought and thinking about what raesaah said i told her that i will find us a nice muslim man that is older and has a nice beard because raesaah and i know those pious looking muslim men are the naughtiest to come and join us and watch us have a good time short sex stories

I was so excited and happy about the idea i almost could not contain it .. i wanted to tell her that i had a man in mind his name was omar and he lived not to far away from here but i decided to play it cool and arrange with omar

Omar and I spoke and it was agreed that i was to call the shots and that i would choose raesaahs dress code and that we would meet in the local place where most muslims frequent and that him and i would go with raesaah shopping for a new abhaya and heels and what ever she would like and then go to the hotel that omar has already booked

i told raesaah the plans and she loved the idea so she insisted that she prepare heself for the weekend and went for a full body wax and did her eye brows and her nails and come friday night she was looking simply drop dead gorgeous … infact my cock was leaking most of the week in anticipation and been the naughty muslim bitch that she was the whole week where ever she went she wore only thong and heels with her abhaya and kept me up to date when she was been checked out and it honestly was very arousing ..

so omar and i had kept in contact throughout the week with him keeping me up to date with with his arrangements and the ideas he had and what he would also like to happen it was such an intense week i hardly was able to concentrate at work fuck even omar and i afreed we would not wear underwear to work the whole week and if our cocks would leak we would show each other the patches on our pants… anyway back to Friday night

Omar requested that we would use his car as the weekend was going to be on him and that we both would enjoy raesaah and that she would be treated like a queen between us and that I should not worry about money and that I should relax… s

So a few things Omar and I agreed would happen is that I would be in control at all times .Raesaah would always wear her wedding ring. I told Omar not to book far away from the market where a lot of Muslims would frequently come as I wanted to be around other Muslim men and I also wanted them to see her and that I expected him to treat her well and that the 2 of us would have a lot of fun with raesaah the whole weekend short sex stories

So everything was planned and I could not wait to enjoy Raesaah for the weekend with Omar… so I left work a little earlier when to get our d**gs and go home and shave and choose all of Raesaahs clothing for the weekend and make sure she was ready coz omar and i agreed that me and her would check in earlier and get comfortable …

well i got home and saw my beautiful wife Raesaah standing in our room naked doing her hair and looking like such a cock tease .. it was at that instant i felt that intense pleaseure and satisfaction that i have a fucking hot cockteasing whore for a wife and that i made her like this … and that it excites me and i feel so good about it .. so i casually walked up to her and whispered Marshallah in her ear and spanked her ass and told her il be back with some candy so she can powder her nose which made her grin and let out a soft moan… short sex stories

I went into the kitchen and tool out a plate to make lines and i dunno how to say it except that i was filled with such contentment thinking about Raesaah ,,, thinking about how when she was younger how her mother used to tell her what a bitch she was and how she loves to open her legs of men and what a filthy muslim woman she is and how she is dependant on men and how she loves to whore around and like pleasure and i smiled and chopped her lines and thought to myself how right her mother was and im so lucky that i finally broke my bitch wife and made her except what a horny filthy woman she is and what i love her to be so i went back into the room gave her her lines and started checking what she was packing for the weekend short sex stories

I made sure i made Raesaah like a cheap whore wife for the weekend so i made sure i only picked all the hot lingerie her mother bought because i planned on telling omar about them.. so anyway i picked some hot hed thongs and hot black body nets and i insisted she wear her body net under the abhaya and her red thong and heels and i packed the car and went to the hotel

the whole way there Raesaah was telling me how naughy i am and how lucky she is to have a man like me and that she is gonna love making another man hard and all that made me smile contently so we got to the hotel room and i made Raesaah call omar and tell him jazaakallah for the acommodation it is wonderful and that she hopes he arrives quickly

I hope you all love the adventures of raesaah the second part will follow soon leabe comments


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