Adult Story 2018 Health Care Assistance

Adult story 2018

adult story 2018: My mobile phone buzzed an incoming message. “Go to see Mr C he needs help”. I’d seen him before he was a mid 50’s man close to death from cancer, I knew the family well. On arrival… Continue Reading


New Sex Story Please, Please! (L)

New Sex Story

new sex story I stirred as he reached for me in his sleep. Wrapped in his arms, my back to his chest, it was impossible for me to drift off again. ┬áJust the touch of our naked skin created an… Continue Reading


new sex stories 2018 horny adventure

new sex stories 2018

new sex stories 2018 I’m laying in bed waiting for the text that says, “alright, I’m here.” I’ve had my hand down playing with my clit long enough to have brought myself to the edge a few times, but I… Continue Reading